Set of 12 bird calls

Comprising; skylark, yellow wagtail, cuckoo, garden warbler, mallard, moorhen, blackbird, song thrush, turtle dove, nuthatch, little owl and tawny owl.

Urban ceramic bird box

Cream pitcher

Made in England rolling pin

Slip cast bone china with turned beech handles, featuring raised lettering which embosses pastry with the words ‘Made in England’. Made by a family-run company in Stoke on Trent.

Rusty letters

Individual metal letters spelling out ‘EAT’.

Set of three glass tea lights

‘Numbered’ tea towels

Strong brew tea towels

Wire birds Goldfinch

Wire birds Dunnock

These delicate life-size birds are made by an English ‘metalsmith’ who uses an unusual mixture of wire and found materials. The predominant material is iron binding wire which is used as a backbone to compose three-dimensional drawings. The wire is mixed with an assortment of found objects and materials which have an affinity for a particular species of bird. Please note that as each bird is handmade and unique, designs may differ slightly to those pictured.

Desk calendar

The classic perpetual desk calendar designed by Enzo Mari in 1967 and inspired by railway signs. The cards spin around a pin and indicate the month, number and day of the week. Black lettering screened on to PVC.

‘You can rarely see’ screen print

‘You can rarely see what is right in front of you’ was inspired by vintage eye chart design. A useful size print for a narrow space.

Red ‘Keep calm’ screen print

Keep calm and carry on, a message fly-posted around in wartime Britain. These hand-pulled silk screen prints are as appropriate now as ever!

Pewter book ends

Set of pewter horse head bookends from Italy.

Wooden Doll: One

Designer Alexander Girard (1907-1993) is considered one of the decisive figures in post-war American design. The Wooden Dolls, which were designed by Girard in 1963 for his home in Santa Fe, were inspired by his collection of folk art. The way he painted these sculpturally abstract figures reflected his passion for the popular art of South America, Asia and Eastern Europe. Half decorative, half toy, they are made from solid pine wood, hand painted in Germany, and come with a brochure in a wooden box. Please note that as each doll is hand painted, paint effects, feathers and bows will vary slightly.

Mini Chess

Japanese bracelet

These delicate bracelets are fastened with a distinctive Japanese flower motif made from vintage material. A small silver bell adds a charming touch. Colours and fabric patterns will vary making each one unique.

German flour sack bag

Coarsely woven linen sacks dating as far back as the 1890s, many with hand stitched repairs. Each flour sack is printed with an unusual feature like the farmer’s name, the date the sack was made and some have a distinct design motif. The bags are trimmed with Italian bridle leather and solid brass buckles and lined with soft black ticking.

Old pier signs

From the Liverpool docks, a selection of authentic pier signs dating from the early 1950s; these wooden signs carry the name (in carved lettering) of ships belonging to the blue Funnel line. The signs were placed along the pier to indicate when a ship had docked.

Wicker sandpiper

“With a background in traditional basket weaving and a real passion for willow, I am driven to make pieces that challenge preconceptions about basketry.”

These enchanting willow birds blend seamlessly into both contemporary and more traditional interiors.

Fireworks box

Vintage firework con
tainers from India with highly distinctive and colourful graphics.

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