BMW Baby Racer II

Let your kids experience the fun you have while driving your BMW. The new BMW Baby Racer II is plenty of fun for kids, both indoors and outdoors. It’s one mighty good way for you to initiate your kids into becoming BMW worshipers like you and also have loads of fun racing around the block. Its thick tires not only guarantee a quiet ride, but are also said to overcome small obstacles with ease, just like you do with your BMW car. Boasting a high-quality BMW design, the Baby Racer II comes with an upholstered, damp-wipeable bright red seat. It’s great for both low and high speed excursions. Its low center of gravity keeps it “on its feet” even in the tight spaces inside your living room or garden. Suitable for kids of up to 3 years of age, the new BMW Baby Racer II is available at selected BMW dealers and it comes certified by the German Technical Inspection Association.

BMW Baby Racer II

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