The Perfect Insult for Every Occasion, Lady Snark's Guide to Common Discourtesy

Forget apologies and excuses — sometimes, a well-spoken insult is the proper response. And now, with a cigarette in one hand and a martini in the other, fictional socialite Lady Arabella Snark (aka linguist A. C. Kemp) shows you how to use malicious language and stinging zingers to your advantage.
With just the right amount of pomp and humor, Lady Snark offers essential advice for gaining the upper hand at school, work, parties, and family reunions, including how to:

* Defend yourself against know-it-alls
* Answer rude questions in an equally rude manner
* Deliver impeccable insults
* Master weird and obscure put-downs

From dealing with drunks to sabotaging your husband’s mistress, The Perfect Insult for Every Occasion is a funny and offbeat tour of the dark side of manners. Aggravating coworkers, nasty neighbors, mean in-laws? They’re all rendered powerless when you have the perfect comeback-for any situation.” via


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Milk Eggs Vodka, Grocery Lists Lost and Found

If we are what we eat, then this book reveals deep truths about the average American (not to mention more mundane truths like a surprising number of people enjoy onions and, for most people, mayonnaise is very, very difficult to spell). Milk, Eggs, Vodka is a celebration of the humble grocery list. Almost anyone will find themselves engrossed in this voyeuristic look into every day life – less than healthy lists, lists for parties, lists with personal and often odd annotations on them…and the list of lists goes on. Besides over 150 found lists, the book also includes short essays on collecting, shopping, eating, and list making. Some of the lists will even include recipes that can be made from the ingredients on the list. VIA

Milk Eggs Vodka, Grocery Lists Lost and Found

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Designer's Complete Index

Designer’s Complete IndexDesigner's Complete Index

This boxed set contains all three invaluable, practical design books for idea-hungry designers: Idea Index; Color Index; and Layout Index. Designers will learn to solve their design problems, produce fantastic work and become better, more creative thinkers.

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Star of Josephine

The most costly blue rock aka Cullinan’s Blue Diamond has been christened by its pompous owner. Weighing 7.03 carats, this cushion-shaped diamond will now be known as ‘Star of Josephine’. Also it is now clear that this record-breaking blue diamond was purchased by Hong Kong collector Joseph Lau Luen-Hung for $ 9,500,000. “Mr Lau bought the diamond for HK$74-million (US$9.48-million or R80.53- million) and he has already exercised his right to name the diamond, which is now known as ‘Star of Josephine’,” said the company, Petra Diamonds. via ring

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Classic, with a twist

To mark the 150th anniversary of the bentwood classic 214 Chair, Thonet is producing a special edition, with a twist.
The 214 K chair was originally designed in 1859 by Michael Thonet. It’s still produced today at the Thonet family’s factory in Frankenberg, Hesse.

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Maitres du Temps Chapter One Black & White Watch Spotted

Ultra luxury watches are rare to spot, even online. We mostly have computer images to go off of, and the only time most of us will see many types of luxury watches are in select boutiques and on the rare collector (very rare). This is why it is so interesting to see this Maitres du Temps Chapter One Black & White watch in reality (well in a photograph). This real view of the $400,000 ultra watch proves that the timepiece lives up to its reputation. The Chapter One Black & White is an almost monochromatic “tuxedo” version of the Maitres du Temps Chapter One watch. read moreMaitres du Temps Chapter One Black & White Watch

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Betsey Johnson Harley Heels


Betsey Johnson Harley Heels

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